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What to Prepare Before Getting to the Airport?

Day post: 30-07-2017

Buy air tickets
You can buy air tickets directly from airlines or buy tickets through agents. Airfares purchased through agents or purchased before flying for some time will usually be cheaper.
If you are online often, you can buy airfare in promotions at much cheaper than normal. However, these low cost tickets are usually limited to the validity of short tickets, low kilograms, no return tickets once purchased or the return will be lower than normal tickets ...
Required documents
Passport - the procedure for boarding the first pass
Passport - Photos: Internet
Before you go to the airport you must prepare the following documents:
Airline tickets
Proof of domestic flights or passports for international flights.
Visa if your country of arrival requires.
Some countries have waived visas for Vietnamese citizens when carrying their ordinary passports within 30 days of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Kyrgyzstan, Panama, Ecuador, Jeju Island. Korea), Taiwan, ...
Cash to pay the airport tax when going.
Some airports in Asia such as Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi), Don Muang Airport (Bangkok), ... charge extra airport fees when you take the plane from that airport. Usually, this fee is in the currency of the country so you should be prepared to avoid having to exchange money at the airport.
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First of all, for security reasons you are not allowed to carry any items of damage such as knives, scissors, explosive items, etc. In addition, each firm has its own regulations on the list of items Do not carry, you should consult in advance the information of the airline you go.
Baggage - First-time air travel
Airplane Baggage - Photo: Internet
Second, the things you carry when you board the plane will be divided into two types. Therefore, you should arrange your luggage in two types as follows:
Hand / cabin luggage is the luggage that you carry with you when you board the plane, you will put the luggage above the seat or under the chair or can stay with you. Generally hand luggage regulations do not exceed 7 kg and the total dimensions of 3 dimensions (length, width, height) must not exceed 115 cm (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm).
Checked luggage is usually heavy luggage that you send upon check-in, which will be stored in your own luggage compartment, which you can only pick up at the airport. . As a rule, checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg and total dimensions of 3 dimensions (long, wide, high) must not exceed 119cm x 119cm x 81cm.
Normally, each passenger traveling to Vietmam Airlines will enjoy a free baggage allowance as follows:
Business Class and Economy Class: 30 kg checked baggage + 02 hand baggage
Economy Class: 20 kg of checked baggage + 1 piece of luggage
Passengers traveling to Vietjet Air or Jetstar will only be entitled to free hand luggage of no more than 7Kg.

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